Buffalo Grove Area Child Support Attorney

When you first started looking for a child support lawyer in the Buffalo Grove area, you may have thought it would be easy. But after some searching, it may have become apparent that few law firms want to take on a complicated child support case. So who can you turn to for legal support?

The team of lawyers at Family Law Solutions, P.C. is standing by to help clients in Buffalo Grove and the surrounding area. Our team has decades of experience in family law, and specifically child support cases, so we’re sure that we can help you resolve your case no matter how complicated.

About Family Law Solutions, P.C.

Our primary mission at Family Law Solutions, P.C. is tirelessly serving our clients. We’ve upheld that goal through many years of legal practice and stand behind our primary lawyer, Attorney Janet Boyle. With over 35 years of family law experience in Illinois, Attorney Boyle is skilled at fighting difficult cases in court with a minimum of disruption to the involved parties. 

The legal team at Family Law Solutions, P.C. is proud to say that our clients appreciate our commitment to serving them. Former clients endorse our work, as can be seen by our excellent 9.3 rating on Avvo. Janet Boyle, our top lawyer, consistently ranks on SuperLawyers and also gained recognition as a Leading Lawyer. By maintaining a fellowship with the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Law (AAML), Janet is among the nation’s top 1500 divorce attorneys.  Family Law Solutions, P.C. has the experienced legal advocacy you need in the Buffalo Grove area.

Family Law Solutions, P.C.’ Practice Areas

At Family Law Solutions, P.C., our team routinely deals with many types of family law matters from divorce, such as high net-worth couples and those with complicated asset division needs to child custody and parenting rights. 

Serving child support clients remains one of our top areas of focus, and we can assist you in pursuing child support, making child support plan modifications, and helping you enforce child support agreements. We even have the experience to resuscitate family law cases that have failed to move through the court system and get them on track again. 

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There are many choices when selecting a child support attorney in the Buffalo Grove area. Choose an experienced attorney from  Family Law Solutions, P.C.. We have the skill and commitment to pursue your case with compassion and determination through to its resolution. Call us at 312-332-1344, so we can create a personalized legal strategy to resolve your child support case starting today.


About Us

Family law is complicated. The impact on the lives of everyone involved cannot be minimized, but Janet helps her clients discover that life will go on, and in many cases, will be better.