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Paying child support is a way for one parent to assist the other in financially caring for their child. As an income shares state, Illinois calculates child support based on the parents’ incomes and amount of nights spent with the child. While it sounds simple, child support isn’t always easy to arrange. In reality, it can turn complicated and even contentious without proper legal support. 

Family Law Solutions, P.C. helps families in the Burr Ridge area to calculate, manage, and maintain child support. Our child support attorneys are skilled in calming down high-conflict situations and working toward what is best for you and your child. 

About Family Law Solutions, P.C.

Family Law Solutions, P.C. is a premier family law firm serving the Burr Ridge and surrounding area, providing legal solutions for divorce, child support and custody, and appeals. Our attorneys are proud to maintain a high level of client satisfaction, and set the bar for excellence in family law matters and legal advocacy. The family law attorneys of our firm are active fellows of the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML), which is an organization of the top 1,500 divorce attorneys in the country. 

Family Law Solutions, P.C.’ founder, Janet Boyle, has further been featured among the Super Lawyers list in Illinois for her dedication and commitment to providing comprehensive family legal services. She was also peer-selected as a Leading Lawyer in 2020. Under her leadership, Family Law Solutions, P.C. provides the best, most efficient and thorough legal care in the nation. 

Family Law Solutions, P.C. Practice Areas

As a family law firm serving the Burr Ridge area, Family Law Solutions, P.C. provides legal services such as those surrounding divorce and matrimony, property and asset division, and issues involving children. More specifically, our family law attorneys provide expertise and services for clients facing challenges such as child support maintenance and modification, child support calculations, enforcement of child support, child support agreements, legal paperwork and deadlines, and much more. 

By working with a child support attorney from Family Law Solutions, P.C., you can ensure your family receives the best legal care and your case works toward its best legal solutions. Our family law attorneys are exceptionally skilled in all areas of child support and other family legal issues, and provide professional legal backing you can trust.

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Family law is complicated. The impact on the lives of everyone involved cannot be minimized, but Janet helps her clients discover that life will go on, and in many cases, will be better.