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Going through a divorce is a very stressful and trying time, especially when you already have a high-stress occupation.  A doctor’s time is extremely valuable, and this can further add to the stress when going through a divorce. The team at Family Law Solutions, P.C. can tailor a concierge-level service to handle all your needs so that you can focus your time where it is needed.

We custom fit our services to high net worth clients in the Chicago area, and we can handle everything for you from start to finish.  Family Law Solutions, P.C. will be available to you outside of normal business hours, and we will retain a bookkeeper to handle the financial intricacies of your situation.  You can rest easy knowing that we are working on your behalf.

About Family Law Solutions, P.C.

Family Law Solutions, P.C. founder Janet Boyle has the unique expertise required to handle complex divorce situations presented by high net worth individuals.  With a Masters in Taxation, Janet is able to sort through the complex financial implications of these divorces and help her clients achieve the best outcome.  Family Law Solutions, P.C. has been rated among the 10 Best in Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, and Janet gives back to her community by serving on committees and boards of several organizations in the northwest suburbs.

Family Law Solutions, P.C. Practice Areas

Family Law Solutions, P.C. is uniquely positioned to handle divorce matters involving doctors, entrepreneurs, athletes, and highly compensated professionals.  Our team has the experience to take care of all matters associated with the divorce. This includes child support and custody issues if children are involved.  Our clients in the Chicago area also count on us to handle alimony issues and property division.

Once the divorce is over, our services do not stop there.  We will check in with you at regular intervals to ensure that the divorce agreement is still working as it should.  If things need changing, we can assist with post-divorce modifications. As long as you are our client, we will continue to take care of you.

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If you or your spouse are considering divorce, then contact us today for your confidential consultation.  Time is of the essence for protecting your assets and rights. Your job is stressful enough, so let us help take some of the stress of your divorce away by handling the entire matter for you.  Call us today at 312-332-1344. We will answer any questions you have and put a plan in place to take care of you as you go through this difficult time!


About Us

Family law is complicated. The impact on the lives of everyone involved cannot be minimized, but Janet helps her clients discover that life will go on, and in many cases, will be better.