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Living in Kenilworth and the surrounding area presents a unique challenge when it comes to qualified legal representation. There are plenty of lawyers in Chicago that you could call on. But what if there were a qualified divorce law team that often worked in your community? Better yet, what if that firm had the expertise and fortitude necessary to make your divorce filing a success?

All of that and more can be found in the acumen of Family Law Solutions, P.C., your go-to family law firm in Kenilworth and the surrounding area. Unlike most firms, our team believes in addressing both the practical and emotional dimensions of divorce. We always create custom legal strategies, too, so that you aren’t treated as just a name on a page. Through and through, Family Law Solutions, P.C. continues to set the standard of divorce law excellence in Chicagoland.

About Family Law Solutions, P.C.

Family Law Solutions, P.C. has served Kenilworth and the surrounding area for several years now. In that time, the firm has built a reputation upon its ongoing transparency, especially when it comes to the cost of their services. The firm’s reputation also centers on its use of modern mediation and arbitration techniques to meet its clients’ needs. Taken together, Family Law Solutions, P.C. takes pride in its client-centered approach to family law.

At the same time, Family Law Solutions, P.C. takes pride in its accomplishments, including its numerous accolades. For example, the firm has maintained a 9.3 rating on Avvo over the years. At the same time, individual team members like principal lawyer Janet Boyle have also been recognized for their professional prowess. In particular, Boyle has been recognized as a SuperLawyer, a Leading Lawyer, and a fellow with the American Academy of Matrimonial Law.

Family Law Solutions, P.C.’ Practice Areas

When it comes to the most important family law services, you can count on Family Law Solutions, P.C. to have your back. To that end, the firm’s attorneys are fully capable of resolving child custody and child support disputes without delay or hesitation. A Family Law Solutions, P.C. lawyer can also help you revive old litigation that was unsuccessful while working with a previous firm.

Family Law Solutions, P.C. also remains a champion of divorce law in Kenilworth and the surrounding area. As such, they are your best option to call upon when you need a novel asset division solution, regardless of your mutual net-worth. If you have modifications and enforcements that you need addressed, these same lawyers can handle the job and help you reach a positive outcome in a concise time frame.

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For folks living in Kenilworth and the surrounding area, there’s no need to search all around Chicago for the best divorce law firm. You’ve already found it here at Family Law Solutions, P.C.. With just a single call to us here at 312-332-1344, we can begin to create a custom legal strategy that puts your post-divorce goals first. Through it all, we are committed to making your upcoming legal journey as successful as possible. 


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Family law is complicated. The impact on the lives of everyone involved cannot be minimized, but Janet helps her clients discover that life will go on, and in many cases, will be better.