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Divorce can be a difficult topic to breach for many people. Not only does it come with an immense emotional burden, but it also delivers a considerable logistical burden associated with its legal burden. Even the financial burden of a divorce may be more than most folks can bear alone. Here’s some good news for you, though – if you live in Wheaton or the surrounding area, you don’t need to take on your impending divorce alone.

Instead of handling every aspect of your upcoming divorce alone, you can call on the trusted litigators at Family Law Solutions, P.C. for support. Our team is committed to providing you with a customized legal strategy that is both affordable and aligned with your post-divorce goals. Each day, we work with clients like you to provide a clear course of action for all divorcing couples. Simply put, when it comes to divorce law services in Chicagoland, we work hard to stand out from the pack.

About Family Law Solutions, P.C.

Over the years, Family Law Solutions, P.C. has made a name for itself by providing uncompromising legal services to Wheaton and the surrounding area. Along the way, the firm has put a high premium on its commitment to transparency. As such, the firm’s lawyers always put forth flexible payment to accommodate your family’s changing financial needs. These same attorneys always put their best foot forward for you, as seen in their use of modern mediation and arbitration techniques.

Between this commitment to transparency and their efforts in the legal field, it’s no surprise that Family Law Solutions, P.C. is among the best-rated family law firms in the Wheaton area. The firm currently maintains a high 9.3 rating on Avvo, and many of the firm’s team members have earned awards for their individual accomplishments. This includes principal lawyer Janet Boyle, who has been selected as both a SuperLawyer and Leading Lawyer in 2020. She’s also a fellow with the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Law, distinguishing her nationwide as a leader in her field.

Family Law Solutions, P.C.’ Practice Areas

If you live in Wheaton or the surrounding area, know that Family Law Solutions, P.C. is ready and willing to serve your family law needs. In fact, this firm’s lawyers have the skills needed to resolve child custody and child support disputes without allowing conflicting emotions from each party interfere with the outcome. These same litigators can also help manage your family law appeals, no matter how long those appeals take to resolve in court.

Through all of this, Family Law Solutions, P.C.’ lawyers are at the top of their game when it comes time to service a divorce case. This is certainly the case when they help their clients establish a novel asset division solution that accounts for their client’s short- and long-term financial needs. Even when it comes time to make a productive modification or enforcement, Family Law Solutions, P.C. has its clients’ backs through an otherwise challenging legal process.

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In Wheaton and the surrounding area, you have a lot of options for divorce law services. Despite all of these choices, you should always opt for the best by calling Family Law Solutions, P.C. at 312-332-1344. With just a single call, we can begin a consultation to assess your legal needs. From there, we can begin to create a legal strategy that supports your financial and your emotional needs equally throughout your impending divorce proceeding.


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Family law is complicated. The impact on the lives of everyone involved cannot be minimized, but Janet helps her clients discover that life will go on, and in many cases, will be better.