Nicole Poulos


Nicole Poulos, Paralegal

I like family law because I feel like I am helping families figure out what’s best for them in their new life, or what their new life will look like moving forward. Change is hard for a lot of people and the uncertainty of how the future will look makes them uneasy and worrisome, so I feel we help to bridge and assist them through the process. We provide a comfort to them knowing that we are here to help! We gap the common misunderstandings of legal terminology, and the legal process for a lot of people and families and we aim to help them understand what is really happening. I feel like we are the voice for children who cannot speak their needs, wants or opinions, due to age or lack of understanding and we do really consider what is best for the child/children and that is the most rewarding and make sure that is what the end goal is for all!

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