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Our Team

Janet E. Boyle

Founder and Principal

Support Staff

Caitlin Cwik, Office Manager

Bringing over 5 years of experience as a Paralegal and Legal Assistant supporting personal injury and family law attorneys, Caitlin Cwik is a valuable asset. Her motivation to work in family law stems from her positive upbringing as a child of divorce, where she personally witnessed the beneficial changes it can bring for couples and their children. A dedicated team member at Family Law Solutions, P.C. since its founding, Caitlin combines her professional expertise with firsthand insights into the transformative impact of divorce.

Brianna Juarez, Paralegal

Brianna Juarez, a skilled Paralegal, initially worked in Personal Injury Law before transitioning into Family Law. Renowned for her exceptional organizational and communication skills, Brianna is dedicated to fostering a strong professional environment. Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from DePaul University in Chicago, IL, she has aspirations of attending law school in the future to specialize in Family Law.

Nicole Poulos, Paralegal

Nicole Poulos is dedicated to family law, finding fulfillment in assisting families through challenging transitions. With a focus on providing clarity and support, Nicole helps clients envision and navigate their new lives during challenging times. Recognizing the complexities of legal processes, she serves as a guiding voice, ensuring a clear understanding and bridging common misunderstandings. Nicole is particularly committed to advocating for the needs of children, making their well-being a top priority throughout the legal proceedings.

Victoria Klotz, Paralegal

Victoria Klotz brings over 25 years of family law expertise to Family Law Solutions, P.C. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Northern Illinois University and a post-degree Paralegal Certificate from Roosevelt University, specializing in litigation. Victoria is dedicated to a client-focused approach, seamlessly integrating law with compassion. With meticulous attention to detail and empathy, she guides clients from case inception to resolution.

About Us

Family law is complicated. The impact on the lives of everyone involved cannot be minimized, but Janet helps her clients discover that life will go on, and in many cases, will be better.