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Property Division

To navigate this complex terrain, it is imperative to seek assistance from seasoned divorce and property division attorneys, such as the dedicated professionals at Family Law Solutions, P.C.

In an Illinois contested divorce, the intricacies of property division involve a crucial "discovery" process, requiring both parties to disclose all marital assets and debts to the court. The stakes are high, with potential financial and emotional costs. Our firm offers an array of services aimed at ensuring a fair and equitable division of property for both parties throughout the discovery period.

We offer comprehensive services to ensure equitable reporting and division during the discovery process including:

  • Tracing separate and marital property: We help delineate between separate and marital property, ensuring a fair division, even in cases of commingling.
  • Finding hidden assets: If there's suspicion of hidden assets, our team collaborates with forensic accountants to locate concealed funds.
  • Dividing business or professional assets: We handle complex property matters, including portions of businesses, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, executive compensation, and retirement accounts.
  • Dividing debts and taxes: Our lawyers work to equitably split debts and tax responsibilities, minimizing damages and leveraging expenses.
  • Dividing inherited property: Whether inherited before or after marriage, we assess the division of inherited property.

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