Property Division

In a contested divorce in Illinois, dividing property requires a “discovery” process, which is where both sides reveal all their marital assets and debts to the court. Property division could cost one or both of you a great deal – not only financially, but emotionally. This makes it essential to enlist the help of a qualified divorce and property division attorney like the team at Family Law Solutions, P.C.

Family Law Solutions, P.C. provides a number of services to ensure both sides’ property is reported and divided equitably during the discovery period. We can help you to:

  • Trace separate and marital property. We can help you draw the line between separate and marital property, even in cases of commingling, to ensure you’re only sharing marital property.
  • Find hidden assets. If you believe your spouse is hiding assets, we can work closely with a forensic accountant to find these funds.
  • Divide business or professional assets. Portions of businesses, buy-sell agreements, shareholder agreements, executive compensation, and retirement accounts are all properties that can be divided in a divorce. Our lawyers have experience resolving even the most complex property matters.
  • Divide debts and taxes. No one wants to get debt or tax expenses out of their divorce, but these must be split equitably when dividing property. Our lawyers can help you minimize your damages and leverage your expenses.
  • Divide inherited property. If you inherited property before or after you were married, that property could be subject to division.

Dividing property among spouses who are in the midst of divorce can be a challenging process. The property division attorneys at Family Law Solutions, P.C. can determine if property is separate or marital and fight for your rights to it should the need arise.

To contact a property division attorney at Family Law Solutions, P.C., give our office a call at (312) 332-1344 and schedule your first confidential consultation. We have 2 conveniently located offices in Downtown Chicago and Arlington Heights to serve your needs.

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