Issues Involving Children

Your children are your most precious assets, but unfortunately, they can be among the most contentious issues during a divorce in Illinois. That’s why it’s important to protect their wellbeing and care when moving through any divorce proceeding.

Illinois no longer calls a child-related issue “custody,” but rather parental rights and responsibilities. The best way to keep your children safe during divorce is to hire the expertise of a qualified family law attorney like those at Family Law Solutions, P.C. We offer many services for issues involving children, including:

  • Parenting Rights and Responsibilities. Whether you need to craft a parenting agreement during your divorce or are involved in a parenting battle, our attorneys have your back.
  • Child Support. Child support is an essential part of any child’s life, which is why our family law attorneys work to determine reasonable and fair child support agreements – all based on your unique situation.
  • Parenting Time. Parenting time for both sides is an important issue, especially since it dictates how often you’ll see your children.
  • Parents’ and Grandparents’ Rights. It’s an unfortunate fact, that sometimes, parents and grandparents must fight for their rights against a spouse/parent or ex-spouse. We’ll handle your situation professionally and legally to secure your access to your children or grandchildren.
  • Post-Divorce Modification and Enforcement. After your divorce, you or your spouse’s circumstances may change. Our lawyers can help you request parenting rights and responsibilities or a child support modification to accommodate any changes in your life that may affect your children.

When you’re working through a divorce, your children shouldn’t have to suffer. Minimize the emotional turmoil and complications by enlisting the help of the child custody and support lawyers at Family Law Solutions, P.C.

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