Child Related Issues

Parenting rights involve working out how much time you and your spouse will see and care for your children. Parenting responsibilities cover who will have decision-making authority regarding education, healthcare, extracurricular activities, religion, and other aspects of your child’s life, and who will become the primary parent or main caregiver.

Since 2015, Illinois has taken a parent’s past ability and performance as well as decision-making into consideration when determining both rights and responsibilities. This means that in theory, both parents have an equal opportunity to gain parenting time and decision-making for their children. Thus, you need an experienced attorney by your side when crafting a parenting agreement with your spouse or ex.

The parenting rights attorneys at Family Law Solutions, P.C. provide services to help you:

  • Determine which type of parenting agreement will work best for you. There are different “flavors” of parenting agreements, and nearly every single one can be customized to fit your needs. We’ll help you understand the implications of your decision and identify which forms of custody will work for your situation.
  • Understand and defend your rights as a parent. It is not uncommon for there to be parenting disputes among divorcing couples. When your parenting privileges are on the line, it’s important to know all your options and the process of protecting your rights.
  • Pursue parenting arrangements that will benefit your children. Even if your spouse or ex disagrees, you know what is best for your child. We’ll analyze your case and bring in experts if needed, in addition to defending your case in both the meeting room and courtroom.

When you need parenting rights and obligations support during or after your divorce, call on the attorneys at Family Law Solutions, P.C. We can make sure all your parenting arrangements benefit your child’s best interest as well as your capacity to care for them.

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